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Here at YSJ, another way that we connect to our community is by showcasing some of the best it has to offer.  We have the opportunity to display and share some amazing artwork by local artists– and with different artists being featured all the time, there is always something new to see.

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Sonya Mahnic

I love painting and I love food, so it was inevitable that the two would eventually converge. Painting food started as a lark, as something different to paint, but I find myself returning to it again and again. Food has everything you could ask for in subject matter - form, colour, light and shadow, patterns, history, meaning, symbolism, and everyone has an emotional connection to food. It can be at once, ordinary and, upon closer inspection, extraordinary. I hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on these creations as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Purchase inquiries can be directed to Citadel Gallery and Mario's Picture Framing 506-642-9004

Oil on canvas

Stir Fry 36 X 48
Peanut Butter Sandwich 36 X 48
Spanokopita 44 X 44
Pizza 48 X 48
Asparagus 36 X 54
Grapes 24 X 24
Fiddleheads in a Plastic Bag 24 X 24

Gallery Cases Current exhibit: September 2017 to Present

Rob Roy

Photographs on Canvas
Prices & Sizes Available Upon Request

This current series of photographic images are primarily of urban Saint John architecture from both the late 1970's and present day. The original photos have been digitally manipulated to render them somewhat similar to the illustrations found in comic books. This form of Pop Art has the advantage of retaining the essence of the original composition & colour, while creating a more graphic version of reality. This visual simplification allows the viewer to observe the subject matter in a manner not unlike a B&W photo. Pop Art, while acknowledging reality, deviates somewhat yet not so much as to break from the ties of realism. The result is an interpretation of an everyday reality that the public can still fully relate to.

Jacob Powning

"Teuthis – Cephalopod Reliquary"

Bronze, Glass.

16" w x 9" d x 11" h

This piece is a father and son collaboration between Peter and Jacob Powning. The box frame and slumped glass are peter’s work and the ornamentation was designed and carved by Jacob. The sculpture was cast in bronze, with the glass element slumped to fit in the lid. The bas-relief carving is inspired by ancient (1500-year-old) Teutonic migration period ornamentation from Scandinavia, combined with squid imagery. The vessel represents an ode to otherness, how strange and different life can be, and the terrifying wonder that lurks in the deep reaches of the sea.

Peter Powning

"Green River" (2017)

Cast Bronze and glass

24"/61 cm h. x 13"/33 cm w. x 7"/18 cm d.


This piece is the result of thoughts about seasonal change and running water. Solid (ice) to liquid (water) and how water is a force that’s shaped our world and is a necessary condition for life.


Queenstown Goldsmiths

1. Feathers (pendant, earrings, ring, bracelet)
2. Gold Circle (pendant, earrings, bracelet)
3. Snowflake

Sterling Silver, Gold-fill, 14k gold, Cubic Zirconias

Aidan and Erica Stanley are Queenstown Goldsmiths, with 24 years experience between them. As artists, arts-advocates, goldsmiths and outdoor lovers, these two can be found in their studio and on the trail in the woods daily. Their son, Tayo, accompanies them to craft shows, exhibition openings, and is the youngest Stanley clan member. Their artwork exhibits nationally and internationally, averaging one exhibition each per year. Their skill-sets are complimentary, and they often work in tandem. Their wedding ring designs are thoughtful, reflective of the individuals they are designed with and for.

Welcome Wall Current exhibit: September 2016 – Present

croppedimage160160 brian comeau
Brian Comeau

Brian lives along the Bay of Fundy in Saint John with his wife and three children. His inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the Maritimes, with its picturesque landscapes, majestic coastlines and beautiful lakes and rivers. The Bay of Fundy, with its highest tides in the world and rocky rugged coastlines, is a favourite destination for Brian. 

croppedimage160160 rob roy
Rob Roy

Well-known New Brunswick photographer Rob Roy lives and works in the historic Trinity Royal area of Saint John. Although Rob has worked as a commercial photographer, he is best known for his artistic projects, which are particularly evident in his book Saint John (first published in 2004 and reprinted in 2013). This much loved book brings together everyday scenes of Saint John and has been a must-have book for visitors and residents of the city. 

Saint John Airport Permanent Collection

Fred Harrison

Fred says of himself, “I love to paint big.” A native of London, Ontario, Fred came to New Brunswick to take part in the Sussex Mural Celebration. While working here, he became captivated by the beauty of this province, and he is now at home in a small cottage in the wilds of Goshen. 

Although Fred has done many pieces of public art, his paintings can also be found hanging on the walls of many homes in New Brunswick and beyond.

michael mcquay
Michael McQuay

Native to Waterloo, Ontario, Michael worked as a commercial photographer in Toronto for many years. Sixteen years ago, seduced by the open space and brilliance of the Saint John River Valley, he traded urban life for rural. A self-taught artist, since 2001 he and his partner Cyndi Brittain have designed and produced original work from their Queenstown studio.

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