Every day the Saint John Airport welcomes visitors from all over the globe, so it’s both our privilege and responsibility to make a good first impression on behalf of our city and region. We are proud to showcase the best our community has to offer with our ‘Art at the Airport’ series.

The work of well-known local artists is showcased to enhance the welcoming atmosphere for our passengers. Located throughout the first floor of the terminal building, the exhibits include paintings, displays of jewelry, pottery and mixed media pieces and a welcome wall of local photography. Exhibits are changed regularly, offering passengers and visitors a continually rotating display of artwork to enjoy.

We also offer display space for non profits, community groups and educational facilities.

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Art Gallery

Andrew Giffin

The focus of the A.N.Y. Child paintings is to explore the world of children through painting. Their unique blend of innocence, imagination, wisdom and beauty I have tried to reveal. The series began in 2002 with the first painting, A.N.Y. Child 1. None of them have been planned, commissioned or done with any intent other than to explore this individual child's world with paint. All of the imagery that I have collected for the portraits has come from happenstance. Much of the time from candid photos that the children had no idea I was shooting. As each of these paintings progressed I would have moments of reflection of my own childhood and I would ponder the quotes that I was hearing from my own children on a daily basis. Their words seemed to surface continuously as I painted and I began to record them along with others that I imagined. Many of the things that children say reveal a sense of wisdom beyond their years. I marveled at how the things they say remind me of the words that we, as adults, need to live by. Watching and listening to my own children has allowed me to see the world through their eyes. They are my window to the world and I am endlessly grateful for that.

All images available as limited edition prints on canvas. Commission inquiries welcome.  

Like what you see? For more information about the artist and their work or to inquire about making a purchase,  please contact the artist directly.

Andrew Giffin
Roachville, NB
Giffin Artworks
Facebook- Andrew Giffin, Viewfinders, Giffin Artworks 
Instagram - #giffinski 

Gallery Cases Current exhibit: January 2022 to Present

Helen Stanley

These pieces started with some lovely texture rollers that I bought and then got carried away with. I started making my own rollers and using them on everything. Just as a challenge I tried some bigger pieces and these have been the best of the large ones. I love the look of the glaze wiped off the texture area and especially the look I can get by spraying the glazes to get the overlap of colours.

Tim Isaac

These wall panels are inspired by the magic of low tide along the Bay of Fundy. Mysteries of the ocean bottom are revealed at this time; it’s when I like to explore the shoreline, gathering treasure for my art. The receding water often leaves patterns in the sand. Shells and pebbles gather in rock crevices, in pockets,  and pools of water. My studio overflows with natural materials. Each piece I create is a memory of the shore as I attempt to capture and reflect the power of the tides, the eternal cycle of the water’s ebb and flow and the ever shifting patterns this creates along the shoreline.  

Marg Currie

I began rug hooking when the pandemic started, to help my through long periods of isolation. I am inspired by the beauty of the landscape and the people who live and work on Grand Manan. Many of the patterns are inspired from pictures I, or others, have taken on Grand Manan, White Head or Deer Island. Rug hooking has allowed me to combine my love of photography and painting, using 100% wool yarns and other fibres as my medium.

Harriet Taylor

These portraits which I have loosely entitled “There’s No Mascara In Space”, are based on found illustrations of women in vintage comic books ranging from the 1930’s-60’s. I have endeavoured to present the paintings exactly as I found them, lifted as tiny image segments from the covers of these old publications, reflecting the cultural norms, prejudice and biases of the times.

Welcome Wall Current exhibit: September 2016 – Present

croppedimage160160 brian comeau
Brian Comeau

Brian lives along the Bay of Fundy in Saint John with his wife and three children. His inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of the Maritimes, with its picturesque landscapes, majestic coastlines and beautiful lakes and rivers. The Bay of Fundy, with its highest tides in the world and rocky rugged coastlines, is a favourite destination for Brian. 

croppedimage160160 rob roy
Rob Roy

Well-known New Brunswick photographer Rob Roy lives and works in the historic Trinity Royal area of Saint John. Although Rob has worked as a commercial photographer, he is best known for his artistic projects, which are particularly evident in his book Saint John (first published in 2004 and reprinted in 2013). This much loved book brings together everyday scenes of Saint John and has been a must-have book for visitors and residents of the city. 

Saint John Airport Permanent Collection

Fred Harrison

Fred says of himself, “I love to paint big.” A native of London, Ontario, Fred came to New Brunswick to take part in the Sussex Mural Celebration. While working here, he became captivated by the beauty of this province, and he is now at home in a small cottage in the wilds of Goshen. 

Although Fred has done many pieces of public art, his paintings can also be found hanging on the walls of many homes in New Brunswick and beyond.

michael mcquay
Michael McQuay

Native to Waterloo, Ontario, Michael worked as a commercial photographer in Toronto for many years. Sixteen years ago, seduced by the open space and brilliance of the Saint John River Valley, he traded urban life for rural. A self-taught artist, since 2001 he and his partner Cyndi Brittain have designed and produced original work from their Queenstown studio.

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