Update on YSJ operations

Airports across the country are facing extraordinary and unprecedented challenges related to the global coronavirus crisis, and YSJ hasn’t been spared.

We’re hopeful that with Air Canada’s return this week and continued talk of an Atlantic bubble we will soon see more travel and flight traffic, but we know we’re not out of the woods yet. Far from it.
COVID-19 has had a sudden and severe impact on our operations.

We knew it would be critical to safeguard our long-term financial health: we immediately curbed all spending and reduced our operating costs as much as we possibly could, while maintaining all safety protocols and observing federal regulations.

We deferred more than $5 million in capital projects, cut expenses by $1.3 million, and exhausted all available government support programs to help get us through this trying time.

Unfortunately, these measures have not been enough in the face of prolonged flight suspensions and strict border restrictions.

And that’s why we’re taking the difficult step of adjusting our workforce to better meet current and foreseen activity and demand.

Effective July 3, seven of our friends and co-workers will be temporarily laid-off until conditions improve and demand for travel returns. It’s a necessary step and one that has been expected for some time. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Before COVID-19, our future was bright with new flights, carriers and more passengers than ever before. With major investments in capital and service enhancements, we were poised and ready for the next 20 years of growth.

We will get back to that place.

Until then, the Board of Directors and I are 100 per cent focused on overcoming this continued challenge, and seeing our operations restored.

Flair and Porter are both planning to restore their flight schedules toward the early fall. Air Canada’s initial flights to Montreal are almost fully booked. And with talk of an Atlantic Bubble or other possible changes to current border restrictions this summer, we’re looking forward to starting the process of rebuilding.

These are hard times, but I know we’ll get through it.

I commit to providing regular updates on our progress. And invite you to reach out any time with questions or suggestions.

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